Our History

Nfr Institute of Technology has been training better problem-solvers and decision-makers in LaPorte County since its inception in 2013.  After years of doing design and manufacturing consulting work, founder Kyle-Pierre Nfr wrote an executive summary in 2010 detailing a plan for derelict communities to restore their quality-of-life and financial independence.

Rather than appeal to external agencies for relief, Kyle-Pierre suggested that by training local students and journeymen to be manufacturing entrepreneurs, communities could reduce the impact of the Great Recession and globalization.

The first program to grow out of that paper was Eight Kids in Training (8KIT) in 2012. Based on the premise that it takes 10,000 hours to become expert in something that Malcolm Gladwell described in his book, Outliers, 8KIT is a four-year apprenticeship for high-school students that guides them through two years of university-level computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering, and entrepreneurial business practices in 8,000 hours after school.

While rewarding, the program is very challenging.  It requires students possess a fair amount of prerequisite knowledge by the ninth grade.  Unfortunately, without great motivation or guidance, few students do.

That is why we decided to start Nfr Institute of Technology. We want to create a pipeline of technical craftsmen who can create great things and attract great people to our community. We have had great success in the last several years teaching students to think more critically and creatively and be more entrepreneurial. We are committed to achieve even greater success in the future.

Our Mission

To inspire people to be always curious; prepare them to pursue their passions; and empower them to make significant contributions to society,

Our Vision

To make communities greater by manufacturing entrepreneurs who envision, design and make things for a living. We call these people, “technical craftsmen.”

Technical craftsmen are demanding individuals who crave useful knowledge and reward excellence.  They grow economies by employing their neighbors, funding not-for-profit organizations and enjoying local entertainment.

Additionally, our students who do not become craftsmen, will be better scientists, artists, employees, and consumers. Everyone wins. Everyone benefits.

About Us


NIT designs programs for people to learn and retain more effectively. Our courses combine science, industry and art to make complex subjects easier for students to understand and apply.

Our instructors use the NIT method to train our students more efficiently. By using our system, instructors can better assess our students current level of understanding and teach them the skills that will make them better learners.

Further, our teachers use fun competitions to differentiate our students’ comprehension of new concepts in order to provide them with exactly the help they need to be greater. Our goal is for all of our students to think more critically, act more confidently, and create more innovative solutions to problems than they would have without our training.


NIT plans and designs cool spaces for budding entrepreneurs that combine co-working and workshop spaces.  These places provide destinations for motivated people to meet and pursue their passions while solving problems that they could not on their own.

Start-ups often fail because they can not access proprietary knowledge that corporations enjoy.  To ensure that our members succeed, we provide management and technical support.

For example, our business-cycle model offers comprehensive insights to its users which makes it easier for businesses to avoid mistakes through better planning. Our emphasis on design-for-manufacturing makes it more likely that our young makers and new entrepreneurs will create market-ready products.

Finally, we believe that it is important to offer marketing, logistics and back-office support to members to further minimize risk of their projects failing. Make good plans. Execute the plans.