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A future-proof education

Unstable times require students, workers and businesses to do more than memorize facts and take tests, they must be able to control their environment and create new things on demand. No education can provide all of the future knowledge required to meet this challenge. Instead, Nfr Institute of Technology teaches students how to learn. By learning how to think on their own, students become future-proof.

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Why Nfr Institute works

From learning to comprehension

Students learn to build knowledge by comparing difficult concepts to things that they already know. They create models of behavior and test them to confirm their understanding of the concepts.

From standards to control

With the goal of creating independent thinkers, all standards-based courses offered by Nfr Institute teach students how to solve problems. All courses include one or more of grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithematic, physics, geometry or music.

From learning to creation

The success and confidence born from a deeper understanding of their environment, leads students to address their knowledge gaps in order to pursue greater challenges. Some of these pursuits may lead students to create new knowledge.